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Met je bedrijf op wintersport!

Going on a winter sports trip with your company is great for team building and offers a wonderful opportunity to get to know your colleagues better amidst the breathtaking nature and mountains! There are many good reasons for a winter sports group trip, but there is one argument that is truly convincing: it's simply fantastic to go on a winter sports trip with your colleagues and enjoy the après-ski atmosphere in the evenings!

At Flipside, we arrange winter sports trips for hundreds of groups annually, which we are extremely proud of. Read below to see what we have to offer.

Going on a winter sports trip with your company?

1 Your company goes on a winter sports trip hassle-free

Your winter sports committee is ready to organize an unforgettable skiing trip. But who has time to chase everyone for the necessary information and payments? With us, that's not necessary! Thanks to our simple online system, My Flipside, we take care of the entire organization of your group trip.

Whether it's accommodation, transportation, ski rental, ski lessons, or even individual payments from participants... We have everything under control! So you can start exploring the best après-ski spots without worrying about the logistics of the trip. Let us do the work while you prepare for an unforgettable winter sports experience!

With our modern approach, we organize a hassle-free group trip.

2 Your equipment is ready upon arrival

Upon arrival at the destination, you can hit the slopes immediately for an unforgettable winter sports experience. The equipment is ready for you at the hotel, so there's no hassle at local rental shops. And if a pair of shoes doesn't fit perfectly or a ski turns out to be too short, no worries - we have plenty of spare equipment available.

Our experienced tour leader is ready to ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can fully enjoy your time on the slopes. With Flipside, your winter sports experience becomes truly carefree and unforgettable.

Ready to hit the slopes upon arrival!
All equipment and ski passes ready upon arrival. Ready to hit the slopes!

3 Amazing accommodations and ski areas

We organize winter sports group trips to Austria because the ski areas around Tyrol are fantastic, snow-sure, and high. We collaborate with a variety of accommodations, from budget to luxury. Après-ski? You're in the right place in our areas too.

Snow-sure on winter sports with your colleagues
Snow-sure and high.

4 Your winter sports group trip is fun for the whole company

Whether you have a company where half of the staff has been on winter sports their whole life and the other half has never seen snow, it's no problem with us! With our flexible approach, colleagues can schedule their own lessons based on their level, which are then pre-booked with renowned local ski schools.

This way, everyone can learn at their own pace, always with a recognized diploma such as the Änwater or Ländes diploma, of course. With us, winter sports for the whole company becomes an unforgettable experience, regardless of the level!

On winter sports with your company
A fantastic group trip, that's what we aim for!
Kevin van Son

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