Wintersport groepsreizen zonder gedoe

General Terms and Conditions

These are the fine print of Flipside B.V. (hereinafter: Flipside). Our terms and conditions are fair and clear. We prefer to avoid complicated legal jargon. Please read the terms carefully, as they contain some important agreements regarding your (and our) rights and obligations related to your package trip. This helps prevent misunderstandings and increases the chance of a carefree winter sports group trip.

Article 1 Contact Information

Flipside is a travel organizer, specialized in offering winter sports group trips. Flipside is a Private Company (B.V.) located at Oudegracht aan de Werf 5, 3511AL in Utrecht. Some long numbers:

  • Chamber of Commerce (KvK): 85305383
  • VAT: NL863579097B01

Do you have any questions or just want to report something? You can contact Flipside via the following methods:

  • By email: contact@go-flipside.nl
  • By phone: +31 6 3618 9806

Article 2 Guide to Reading

In these terms and conditions, several terms are used. In this guide, you can find out what these terms mean:

  • Lead Booker: the main booker(s) who, on behalf of all participants, book(s) the trip and enter(s) into or wish(es) to enter into an agreement with Flipside; As the lead booker, you are ultimately responsible for all payments, regardless of the chosen payment scenario (click here for the payment scenarios).
  • Participant: the person on behalf of whom the lead booker enters into an agreement and who accepts this agreement;
  • Service Provider: a third party that Flipside uses in the execution of the package trip, such as a hotel or coach company;
  • Flipside: the travel organizer, being a Private Company located at Oudegracht aan de Werf 5, 3511AL in Utrecht. (user of these terms and conditions);
  • Traveler, you, your: lead booker and/or participant;
  • Package Trip: a package trip within the meaning of the law;
  • We, us, our: Flipside and you.

Article 3 Payment

As lead booker(s), you (or you all) are ultimately responsible for all data and payments from your participants.

With a booked trip, a deposit will be charged. Flipside will indicate before concluding the travel contract how the (full) travel sum must be paid.

Consequences of non-payment:
If you do not pay on time, Flipside will remind you that you still need to make the payment and give you an additional fourteen days to do so. If the start date of the trip is within these fourteen days, you must have paid the full travel sum no later than 24 hours before the start date of the trip. From the moment you are in default, statutory interest will be calculated on the amount due. If your payment remains outstanding after you have received a reminder from Flipside, you will owe the extrajudicial collection costs that Flipside has to incur. These costs are determined in accordance with the Decree on reimbursement for extrajudicial collection costs.

Article 4 Changing Travel & Exceptions

Do you want to change rented materials or booked lessons as a participant? Then you can request this up to 14 days before departure via My Flipside. Changes are not possible within 14 days before departure. Flipside is not obliged to accept a change request. If your change request entails additional costs, Flipside will inform you.

Exceptions as indicated in the quote
The lead booker can submit an exception request up to 3 months (92 days) before departure if the exception is added to the quote. An exception is a variation from the standard package for the benefit of one or more individual participants regarding lift pass days, overnight stays, transportation, or equipment rental days. Within 3 months (92 days) before departure, no exceptions to the package are possible.

Article 5 Cancellation by you

Cancellation costs:
A participant (booking) is final once their name is on the participant list (sent by the lead booker). The following conditions apply to the cancellation of the trip:

  • If canceled on or before the 100th day before the departure date, no costs will be charged.
  • If canceled from the 99th day to the 41st day before the departure date, you will be charged 60% of the travel package.
  • If canceled from the 40th day to the 13th day before the departure date, you will be charged 90% of the travel package.
  • If canceled on or after the 14th day before the departure date: 100% of the travel package.
  • Until 15 days before departure, rental materials and lessons can be canceled free of charge. 14 days or less before the departure date, no changes/cancellations can be made for materials and lessons.

How do you cancel?
The participant or the lead booker can submit the cancellation via the page in the online system My Flipside (see the "Questions & Changes" button).

Article 6 Replacement of a participant

A participant can ask Flipside to be replaced by another person for the trip. The following conditions apply:

  • You must submit a replacement request no later than 14 days before departure;
  • The information of a replacement participant must be provided immediately;
  • Replacements cannot be processed retroactively;
  • The replacement complies with all conditions applicable to the package travel agreement. It's good to know: if an airline ticket is part of the agreement, transferring the airline ticket is often not possible. This means that transferring the entire package trip is often only possible if - at your expense - a new airline ticket is booked;
  • The replacement is nominated by the lead booker via My Flipside;
  • The participant who cancels will get their package costs refunded. If the replacement occurs 7 days before departure, the participant will also receive the costs of lessons and materials back. If the replacement falls within 7 days before departure, only the package will be refunded.

Replacement is only possible to the extent permitted by the (general) terms and conditions of the relevant service providers of Flipside.

The participant and the replacement are jointly liable for the payment of the remaining amount due and for any additional costs (such as modification costs) resulting from the replacement.

Article 7 Package travel

Flipside offers winter sports trips on its website (www.go-flipside.nl). These are package travels within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302. Therefore, you are entitled to all the EU rights that apply to package travels.

Article 8 Applicability

These general terms and conditions apply to all package travels offered by Flipside or agreed upon with Flipside, and form an integral part thereof.

It may occur that we want to make deviating or additional agreements. These agreements must always be recorded in writing, so that we both know what to expect.

Article 9 Travel documents

You are responsible for arranging all necessary travel documents yourself, such as a passport, visas, vaccination certificates, etc. Always check well in advance of your departure whether your travel documents are still valid (for long enough).

If you are unable to (fully) complete the journey because you are missing a travel document or because the document does not meet all requirements, the consequences (and costs) associated with this are entirely your responsibility.

Article 10 Mandatory insurance coverage

If you have booked a trip with Flipside, you are required to take out personal travel and cancellation insurance with mountain sports coverage. This insurance must at least cover medical expenses in case of repatriation due to medical necessity, accident, personal injury, illness, death, and/or hospital treatment.

When booking a trip, we ask for your insurance information for swift and adequate handling in case of a calamity.

Article 11 Information you must provide

Before (or at the time of) concluding the package travel contract, it is important to provide Flipside with all information that may be relevant for concluding the package travel contract and/or executing the contract. This includes:

  • Your phone number;
  • Your email address;
  • Your first and last name (as stated on your passport);
  • Information about your physical or mental condition, to the extent that this information is relevant for the proper execution of the trip;
  • Information about any reduced mobility, pregnancy, or illness. Be aware that you need to check with the airline whether you need a medical certificate to fly/travel.

Participant information can be (largely) added to the online system My Flipside. Want to know more about the use of your data? Check out Flipside's privacy and cookie statement. If you have failed in your duty to provide information, Flipside may choose to deny you (further) participation in the trip. In this case, you are responsible for all associated costs.

Article 12 Travel Price, price change

Travel Price:
All prices stated by Flipside are per person (unless expressly stated otherwise).

The total travel price consists of the price for the package travel and the additional individual travel costs (rental equipment and ski lessons).

Price Change:
Flipside may increase the price of a package travel. Flipside has the right to increase the travel price, up to 20 days before departure, as a result of price changes in fuel (or other energy sources), taxes, increase in fees of third parties not directly involved in the execution of the trip (such as tourist taxes), and/or exchange rates.

You are entitled to a price reduction minus the actual administrative costs incurred if costs decrease for the same reasons as described in this section.

If the increase exceeds 8% of the travel price, you have the right to terminate the package travel contract and receive a refund of the amounts you have already paid. Flipside will give you a reasonable period within which you must make it clear whether you terminate the contract or not. If you do not terminate the package travel contract within this period, Flipside will assume that you have accepted the price increase, and you cannot terminate the package travel contract on the basis of this article anymore.

Article 13 Changes to the Trip by Flipside

Minor Changes:
Flipside may choose to unilaterally change the package travel contract before the start of the trip, to the extent that they are minor (non-significant) changes. A minor change could be, for example, a change in an excursion. Flipside will inform you of this by email.

Major Changes:
Flipside may choose, if it deems it necessary, to change the trip significantly ('major changes') before the start of the trip. Flipside will inform you of this by email. In this email, you will also be asked whether:

  • A. you accept the proposed major change, or;
  • B. you want to cancel the package travel contract free of charge.

If a change results in a reduction in the quality or costs of the trip, you are entitled to an appropriate price reduction. Flipside is always transparent about this. You must inform Flipside in a timely manner whether you accept the change or want to cancel the package travel contract in case of major changes. Flipside will set a reasonable deadline for this. Within this period, you must inform Flipside of your decision. If you fail to do so, the change will be deemed accepted, and you can no longer cancel free of charge.

Refund of Travel Price:
If you decide to cancel the package travel contract due to a major change, you will receive the already paid fee back within 14 days.

Appropriate Price Reduction:
If you are entitled to an appropriate price reduction under this article, this reduction only applies for the period during which there was non-compliance. You are not entitled to any price reduction if the non-compliance can be attributed to you. That's quite logical, isn't it?

Article 14 Cancellation by Flipside before the start of the trip

Minimum number of participants:
If there are too few participants for the booked package trip, Flipside will of course inform you about this. In that case, Flipside may cancel (terminate) the package travel agreement without this leading to an obligation to pay damages. Flipside will inform you about this:

  • 20 days before departure, for trips of 6 days or longer;
  • 7 days before departure, for trips of 2 to 6 days;
  • 48 hours before departure for a trip of less than 2 days.

Flipside may offer you an alternative trip. You are not obliged to accept this alternative trip.

If you have already made a (down) payment and do not accept the alternative trip, you will receive the paid travel sum from Flipside within 14 days at the latest.

Cancellation in case of exceptional circumstances:
Flipside may choose to cancel the package travel agreement without being obliged to pay compensation if Flipside cannot carry out the agreement due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances. For example, because it is no longer safe at the destination.

Flipside may offer you an alternative trip. You are not obliged to accept this alternative trip.

If you have already made a (down) payment, you will receive the paid travel sum from Flipside within 14 days at the latest.

Flipside may offer you a voucher when canceling the package trip as an alternative to a refund. You are always entitled to refuse this voucher. In that case, you still have the right to a refund of your travel sum.

Article 15 Execution of the trip

Duration of the trip:
The duration of the trip is indicated in Flipside's offer.

Adventurous nature:
When you choose Flipside, you opt for an adventurous trip. An adventurous trip always entails risks. It is important that you are aware of this. For example, local (weather) conditions may require us to adjust the timing of an excursion.

Changes to the itinerary:
It may happen that Flipside has to adjust the itinerary due to (weather) conditions.

According to the law, Flipside is obliged to execute the package travel agreement in accordance with the expectations that you can reasonably have based on the agreement. Because Flipside considers it important that you have the right expectations, Flipside wants to remind you once again that Flipside offers adventurous trips. Adventure always entails risks.

Your duty to complain & solutions:
If you believe that (part of) the trip is not being carried out according to the agreement, you must inform Flipside of this as soon as possible (see Article 25). Flipside will then provide a solution, unless this is impossible or cannot reasonably be requested from Flipside.

Alternative trip:
If circumstances prevent a significant part of the trip from being carried out as agreed beforehand, Flipside will offer you an alternative at no extra cost. If the alternative is of lower quality, you are entitled to a price reduction. Please note, you are not entitled to a price reduction if the non-conformity can be attributed to you.

Price reduction:
If you are entitled to a suitable price reduction under this article, this reduction applies only for the period during which there was non-conformity. You do not have the right to a price reduction if the non-conformity can be attributed to you.

If you do not want to accept the alternative trip, you may also choose to terminate the package travel agreement without payment of cancellation costs.

As a leader, you can WhatsApp or email Flipside every day. Would you like to call as a leader? Then you must first make a phone appointment via WhatsApp or email. 1 to 3 leaders can be appointed per group. As a leader, you will receive a special account in the online system My Flipside. In this account, you can see all relevant information, such as payments, agreements, participants, etc. The chapter 'Questions & Agreements' serves as the leading logbook of the trip in this account. The 'Participants & Payments' chapter shows the current list of participants.

As a leader, you have contact with several people from Flipside. Different people within Flipside work on different parts of the trip. For example, the room allocation, the lesson schedule, the evening program, and the finances. All information is bundled in the leader account under 'Questions & Agreements'.

Article 16 Assistance and support

We certainly hope not, but it is possible that you may encounter difficulties during the trip. For example, if you fall ill or lose your passport. In that case, Flipside is obliged to provide you with practical assistance and support, such as providing information about local authorities or health services.

If the difficulties arise due to your intent or negligence, the costs incurred by Flipside for assistance and support will be at your expense.

Article 17 Liability of Flipside

If Flipside could be held liable for any damage, Flipside is entitled to invoke a limitation (or exclusion) of liability as provided for in international treaties and/or EU regulations.

You are not entitled to compensation for damage you suffer as a result of non-conformity if the non-conformity is due to:

  • You;
  • Third parties not directly involved in the performance of the package travel contract and the non-conformity could not have been foreseen or prevented;
  • Unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

Flipside cannot be held liable for the actions or omissions of fellow travelers.

Flipside is not liable for your damage if it is covered by insurance (such as travel or cancellation insurance).

The limitation period for filing a claim for compensation is 2 years.

It may happen that Flipside is liable for both damages or compensation under international treaties or EU regulations (such as Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 on compensation and assistance to air passengers) and under the package travel contract for the same event. In such a situation, the compensation or damages under the international treaties or EU regulations shall be offset against the damages and/or price reduction due under the package travel contract.

Article 18 Your liability & obligations

It's important that you handle your own property and that of others with care. If you cause damage to property belonging to yourself or others (such as fellow travelers, accommodation providers, or guides) during the trip, Flipside is not liable for this damage. You are responsible for any damage you cause to your own or others' property, and you must reimburse the costs incurred by third parties as a result of your actions.

House rules:
You must adhere to Flipside's house rules. These house rules include not obstructing your fellow travelers, not causing nuisance, and following all instructions from Flipside and service providers. You are liable for damages resulting from your failure to comply with the house rules by yourself or individuals you are responsible for. Furthermore, Flipside has the right to deny further participation in the trip if you continue to violate the house rules after being warned by Flipside.

Winter sports trips can be physically demanding. Therefore, you must have the required level of fitness and experience for the trip. You are responsible for assessing whether your fitness level meets the required standard.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate and properly functioning equipment.

Article 19 Do you have a complaint?

Reporting complaints on the spot:
If you have a complaint about the non-compliant execution of the package travel contract, that's certainly very unpleasant. However, you must report your complaint at the travel destination as soon as possible to Flipside or the relevant service provider (such as a guide). If the complaint is not resolved on the spot, you have 2 months after the end of the trip or after the event giving rise to the complaint to submit the complaint to Flipside. You must communicate the complaint to Flipside by email.

Not complained in time?
If you have not complained in time, this may affect the amount of any compensation or price reduction. Complaints not received on time will not be handled by Flipside, unless it would not be reasonable given the circumstances of the case.

Response to complaint:
Flipside will respond within 14 days of receiving the complaint.

Article 20 Applicable law, competent court

Dutch law exclusively applies to these general terms and conditions, Flipside's offer, and the package travel contract (and its implementation) with Flipside, unless this is in conflict with mandatory law.

In the event of a dispute, the dispute will be exclusively submitted to the competent Dutch court, unless this is in conflict with mandatory law.

Article 21 Finally

If the competent court believes that a provision of these general terms and conditions is not entirely acceptable (in legal terms: the court annuls a provision or declares it void), the rest of these general terms and conditions will remain valid.

All third parties (such as service providers) involved in the execution of the trip can invoke what is stated in the offer and these general terms and conditions against you (including exoneration clauses).