Hey, we are Flipside!

It's the late summer of 2013. Florian and Philippe are sitting on a sunny terrace in the center of Amersfoort. Every year, the two snow enthusiasts gather to make off-piste plans for the upcoming winter. This time, they discuss something different: the Flipside venture.

Fast forward to over 10 years later. Kevin and Aleks joined later, and thus our team has grown significantly along with our ambitions. We organize thrilling winter sports trips annually for thousands of participants, engaging daily in our greatest passion.

Founded out of passion for the sport and nature

The sport, the snow, and the adventure in an awe-inspiring environment. That's why we founded Flipside. Everyone wants to turn their passion into their profession. At Flipside, we succeeded. This passion remains the main reason for all team members to work at Flipside.

We enjoy our work, and it shows. That's why many companies and student groups / associations find us.

My Flipside: Unique online system

Those who join us on a winter sports group trip experience a fantastic adventure. With our online system: My Flipside, we ensure that payments, equipment preferences, and ski lessons are collected from participants as smoothly as possible.

We ensure that upon arrival, all booked equipment is ready, ski passes are prepared, and lessons are scheduled with the local ski school. Straight to the slopes! It's that easy.

Our online system takes a lot of work off your hands.

No automated phone menu,
just people

At Flipside, you have direct contact with the right person.

Aleks Schakel

For all questions regarding MarCom and online systems.

Florian Verhoef

For all questions regarding booked trips and personnel.

Philippe Petit

For all questions regarding finance and equipment rental.

Kevin van Son

For all questions regarding procurement and sales.

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