Our office team

Kevin van Son

Owner, procurement manager, sales manager, and off-piste instructor

Kevin traded flips in the fun park for a laptop and a desk. He manages the sales team and handles all major purchases. As an off-piste instructor, Kevin still enjoys his greatest passion: snow!

Philippe Petit

Owner, finance manager, administration, and off-piste instructor

Philippe got into the business as a freerider. He's addicted to snow. From this passion, he and Florian started the company Flipside. Philippe is the boss of the money and is often found in the backcountry.

Florian Verhoef

Owner, travel coordination manager (booked trips), and human resources manager

Florian leads the staff consisting of travel coordinators, tour guides, and instructors. His great passion is freeriding in the backcountry with groups of people and dogs. He rarely finds his way to the hairdresser.

Aleks Schakel

Owner, communication, branding, and chief of online systems

Aleks ensures that Flipside's story, in words and images, stands like a sturdy chalet in the mountains. The conception, design, maintenance, and construction of our websites and online systems such as My Flipside fall under his responsibility. If something goes wrong? Quickly fixed!

Stefan Greve

Sales, travel coordination, and team leadership

During the summer months, you can reach Stefan for information about group trips for students and associations. In winter, he runs up mountains and leads our team in the snow. He is also our snowboard trainer, teacher, and off-piste instructor. No messing around, Steef is good.

Wouter van den Brink

> Travel Coordinator

Wouter has lived under the wings of Flipside for 10 years, starting as an intern and now rising to become a travel coordinator in the office. An example for all young bucks within our company.

Anouk van der Ende

Travel coordinator and finance

Anouk is perfectionistic and has an eye for detail, a nice compensation for all the wild men in the office. Anouk brings balance and has become indispensable.

Ons team in de sneeuw

Jelle Gerritsma


Roel Bak


Mike van der Meyden


Dymphy van de Meerendonk


Jorg van de Water


Jeroen Andriessen


Daan Koper


Tim Martens


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