Winter sports group trips without a hassle

All the hassle is taken care of by our online system

No hassle for the
winter sports committee

Organizing a winter sports trip for larger groups of participants can often be a challenge for winter sports committees. Gathering all the necessary information and coordinating payments can be a time-consuming process. Our system, My Flipside, provides a solution by allowing participants to easily handle their own affairs. This includes:

  • Making (partial) payments for travel packages, lessons, and rental equipment
  • Purchasing insurance (winter sports insurance / cancellation insurance)
  • Booking rental equipment (skis, snowboards, boots, helmets)
  • Providing lesson preferences (correct level and discipline)
  • Personal information; weight, height, and shoe size
  • Providing dietary preferences, allergies, and medications

How does My Flipside work?

My Flipside is user-friendly. Each participant receives a personal link to their own My Flipside environment. No hassle with login credentials that you might forget. The system handles payments and sends reminders via SMS or email if any information or payment is missing. It's that simple!

Captain's Account

For the captains of your group, there are also accounts; this allows you to keep track of what's happening with the participants, whether the payments are going smoothly, and the provision of information. This way, we can organize the group trip without any hassle!

What else can you do in My Flipside?

Apart from logistical matters such as booking lessons and equipment, participants can also do the following in My Flipside:

  • View contact information of your travel coordinator
  • View travel information; including departure / arrival / check-in & check-out
  • View accommodation details
  • View room allocation
  • Check the weather forecast at the location
  • My Flipside also sends travel information, room allocation, and lesson schedule via email when available
Upon arrival at the winter sports destination, quickly hit the slopes!