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Organizing a winter sports trip for a large group can be challenging, which is why we at Flipside have developed our own simple online system called My Flipside. With this system, we take a lot of work off your hands, so that you as organizers can focus on other important aspects of the trip. Below you can read more about how we work:

Op wintersport met een grote groep

Request a quote and we will provide a customized offer

We organize winter sports group trips for groups of 20 to 200+ participants. To reach the destination, we have (luxury) coaches, but using your own transportation or flying is also possible. Accommodation options include hotels, guesthouses, or chalets.

Ons eenvoudige systeem zorgt voor een makkelijke organisatie

We collect all data and payments from your participants

Participants of the winter sports group trip register themselves independently for lessons and equipment rental via our simple online system: My Flipside. The system also includes room allocation and, if applicable, lesson schedules for the participants. Convenient, isn't it? Participants can set the system to either Dutch or English.

In addition to collecting the necessary information, we also handle all payments directly with the participant, for the trip itself, equipment rental, and lessons.

Grote groepen gaan op wintersport met Flipside

Your equipment and tour leader are ready upon arrival

As soon as you arrive by coach or your own transportation, you're ready to go! Our equipment is ready for you, so there's no hassle at the local rental shop, and quality is guaranteed. Our tour leader ensures that everything runs smoothly and distributes the ski passes. Saves you from waiting in long queues.

Geen gedoe voor jullie wintersportvakantie

Enjoy a hassle-free winter sports group trip

At Flipside, it's all about a winter sports trip without any hassle, so that everyone can enjoy an unforgettable journey with your group from the pre-trip to the return journey. All the above points contribute to our mission.

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